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Depression And Mental Health – 11 Common Causes of Mental Health Problems

Mental health is the cognitive and emotional well being of a person. Basically, it covers the way you think, feel, as well as conduct yourself. If you are mentally healthy, then you are not suffering from any form of mental disorder, which, unfortunately, over 57 million Americans are. There is plenty of help out there for anyone who is suffering from depression in silence.In this article, you will learn about eleven common causes of mental health problems.1. Blood sugar problems – It has been found that fluctuating sugar levels in the blood is the most common underlying imbalance in people with mental problems.2. Stimulant and drug dependence – Stimulants and other habit-forming drugs have been found to have psychoactive effects in the brain. If you abuse these drugs, they can negatively affect your mental health.3. Food and chemical allergies and intolerance – Brain allergy is the general term referring to food (or other substance) allergy which triggers neurological, psychological, and emotional symptoms. Yes, some foods can create brain allergies. Additives do too.4. Thyroid problems – An under or overactive thyroid has been found to trigger depression.5. Vitamin B deficiency – B vitamins are beneficial for the brains. Their shortage has been found to cause a kind of mental health problem that resembles schizophrenia.6. Essential Fat deficiency – Essential fats like linoleic and linolenic acids, when synthesized, become crucial components of the brains. If you lack these good fats, you may be putting your brain at risk.7. Heavy metal toxicity – It has been found that low but chronic exposure can lead to a variety of problems including memory loss, aggressive behavior, irritability, depression, and learning deficits.8. Serotonin deficiency – This deficiency is said to be affecting about 16 million of Americans. When your serotonin supply is deficient, you are already considered to have a mental health problem.9. Zinc deficiency – Being deficient in zinc has been found to result in hyperactivity, irritability, inattention, depression, and mental retardation.10. Histamine excess – People who have high histamine levels have high risk of suffering from depression, schizophrenia, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).11. Adrenal imbalance – An imbalance in the hormones that the adrenal glands produce may lead to a mental health problem called adrenal fatigue. This is often characterized by low stamina, severe exhaustion, and depression.Remember, people can and do make recoveries from depression and go on to lead their best lives imaginable. Seek help.