Vegetable Nutrition – The Facts One Needs to Know For Best Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

While physical workout, meditation and self-mental observation are the most common mixture for those who believe in the “holy trinity” of mind-body-spirit, the stepping stones for a truthful connection begin in our stomach. A well balanced diet, consisting mostly of fruits and vegetables. Nutrition holds the key to the corridor that will take our spirit, mind and body to that balanced Paradise where sickness is a myth and stamina and happiness is the state of being.The reason i can make such a declaration is based on the understanding that as humans we all share a few basic needs. Here are a few of them:
the need to breath
the need to eat
the need to drink
the need to multiply
the need for shelter
the need for love
In this modern age we live in, it is pretty easy to change what we drink. Fresh water is available, and a million products we mistakenly call “drinks” and devour are also, unfortunately, available. Multiplying is nothing to worry about, as there are so many people on the planet, and so many ways to meet a partner, adopt, or have a child without a partner (well, the females can..). Shelter is mostly available for all of us who are able to read these lines, and that leaves us with love and food.Love is a state of being, and the sheet is to short to go deeply into such a subject here. Let us just declare it is not an “achievable” state of being, as it is always there, and cannot be gained or lost. Love is us, what we are made of. But i do not want to get to deep into this subject now, as nutrition, or actually a vegetables based diet, is the real subject in hand.A very important fact we need to remember about food is that while being so available in such vast quantities, we actually need very little of it. If we have some breathing issue for example, it is usually very difficult to leave everything and move to a different city or region where the air suits our needs, whether it has more or less moist in it, less pollution, and so on and so forth.Changing our drink is also usually hard, as we call many things “drinks”, and there are pretty addictive, while the only real drink we have is water, which is the most addictive of them all, due to the reason our body recognizes itself in the water we drink, as we are almost completely made out of water. All the soft “drinks” are hard to quit, and i am not even mentioning coffee or tea.Shelter is also a tough one to change. Moving into a new home is not easy, and not always an available option, and many times we end up in a building where the neighbors are not exactly our cup of tea, or the surroundings are not the right type for our character.All these issues effects our mind-body-spirit connection and arrest our development. Eating a lot, more then we need, will consume our energy. Eating the wrong food, in the wrong combination will do just the same. The same result will come from eating at the wrong time and the wrong state of mind, using food to sooth our painful souls.While a simple change in our diet will allow our body to have the energy it needs to deal with the rest of the issues of life. The focus can be then taken out from the very demanding digestion and put to the right use. The change can be felt within a couple of days, and sometimes, for the more aware people, within one meal. Try it, and make a change to a diet consisting of mostly grain, fruits and fresh vegetables.Nutrition is a tool in our hands to be harnessed the right way for the best benefits. Let us use our toolbox wisely, taking out the right tool for the job.

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